Product Development & Design


Bennett Plastics welcomes your ideas for new plastic products. We will review your initial concepts, refine them and carefully convert them into a finished product following a series of steps.

Your initial concept is analyzed and reviewed. Upon approval, Bennett Plastics will generate detailed drawings created with sophisticated computer programs that accurately reflect innovative design.

When necessary, a working model and prototype mold, based upon these drawings, can be produced for further evaluation.  This enables you as the customer to accurately analyze the function and appearance of the product. Upon final approval, a revised set of drawings is completed, from which the production mold is made.  The production mold is then manufactured in accordance with the highest injection molding standards.  Offshore and domestic mold making sources are available.  The completed mold is then tested, subjecting the product to a critical final inspection before the actual production begins.  This ensures that your product will be manufactured with the utmost efficiency and to the closest tolerances.  Our qualified on-site maintenance staff insures that your mold will continue to perform in proper running condition.